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Toxic Products, The Really Bad Guys and the Good Guys

Reality Check I’m still haunted by the CNN report about Mossville, Louisiana.  Here’s the bullet:  A small economically-challenged town is surrounded by 14 chemical manufacturers – mostly chemicals used to manufacture plastics.  To say that this is a cancer cluster is to put it mildly.  In this report, a chemist reports her findings, verified by [...]

Certified Sustainable Buildings

Building to be LEED-CertifiaBULL Let’s be clear – it’s not LEED if it’s not certified.  That’s what I’ve been saying for quite some time now, in light of all the projects out there being “designed to LEED standards” or being designed to be “LEED certifiable”.  At best, these terms are misleading – and at worst [...]

Sustainable Musings Launch

The launch of “Sustainable Musings” blog by Diane Brandli, a discussion about sustainable building products, sustainable schools and sustainable communities.