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Ray Anderson Remembered

It’s been three weeks.  I remember pausing on August 8 for several moments to note that I felt a real sense of loss and sadness when I read that he had passed.  I even talked with my family about it at dinner – a time when we share important happenings of the day. The huge [...]

Listening to the Earth

Musing in Alaska I thought I was getting a break from sustainable musing when we went to Alaska on vacation recently.  But, it wasn’t long before it kicked in.  (Silly me – like I’m not going to think about climate change in the company of rapidly melting glaciers.)  We were sitting in the theater at [...]

Is your community “sustainable”?

“Sustainable” – a word that’s been overused in the last decade.  And, what about “sustainable community”?  What does it mean?  How do you measure that? Many are trying to figure this out. Have you seen “America’s 50 Greenest Cities” according to Popular Science Magazine? The criteria?  Energy from renewable resources, public transportation, air quality, number [...]

Sustainable Musings Launch

The launch of “Sustainable Musings” blog by Diane Brandli, a discussion about sustainable building products, sustainable schools and sustainable communities.